Visiting Kaplan Brisbane!(written in English)

Hello guys!


This is my first time to write a blog in English. You might think this is a strange web page because this site is all written in Japanese. Don’t worry about that. This is my own web page, so it’s absolutely fine!haha



Well, I stayed on the Gold Coast for 6 months, which was much longer than I expected. I left there yesterday, then I’m going up to north: Cairns.



Today, I visited Kaplan International English in Brisbane. I joined an IELTS class and had a chat about my bike trip with them.

At first, I was like “What the hell!? I’m talking about my trip in an IELTS class!? That’s way too much pressure…”

When I entered the class room, everyone welcomed me. Once I started talking, my uneasy feeling had gone because every student got interested in my journey.

After I introduced myself and talked about  basic information of my travel, we had a question time. And many students asked me about a lot of things.

You know what? In Japan, it is pretty normal that even when you have a question time in a class, lecture or whatever, nobody asks a question.

I felt a “good cultural shock” at that moment.

I brought my bike attached all of my stuff to the class. Some people tried lifting it up to check how heavy it was. I don’t really know the exact weight, but it is really heavy.haha





Anyway, I really enjoyed the class and I’m proud of talking about my trip there.


Thank you very much class and all people who I met at Kaplan Brisbane!


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